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Tips for the First Time Vlogger

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

If you are planning a transition from blogging to vlogging or totally a first time vlogger then apart from all other things you must remember that even in vlogging content is the KING. You must plan out things in such way that you can get your audience involved with the vlogs & with the content that you share.

Tips for the First Time Vlogger

If you want vlogging made easy then there are few stumble blocks that must be taken care of and you will be a skilled Vlogger in no time. Before you make any Instant Vlog here are a few tips that will be helpful.

Learn to tackle your nerves

Don't be camera shy!

When you were a blogger you use to pen down your thoughts, but as a Vlogger you will be speaking out your thoughts in front of a camera and that is something most people find daunting. Before you start the camera roll you must practice the speech.

Remember that there will be retakes and you must keep that time. Chalk out the message properly in your mind before you deliver it so that your audience gets what you want to convey. Also think that you are sharing the whole thing with your friend and things will be easier.

Getting the inspiration

Find your inspiration!

Choosing the topic for your first vlog can be quite confusing. There are so many different things that you want to share but what should be the first one? Before preparing your first vlog you have to learn about how to vlog. Just do not concentrate on the subject matter of your first vlog but think about the whole series.

You can take help from different vlogging apps like Vloggah that will make the whole thing easier, all you have to do is concentrate on the content.

Picking the right location

The location that you choose for your first video blog will be important as you may keep using the same location in coming vlogs to maintain the consistency. Thus, choose the location wisely depending upon the subject matter of the vlog that you are creating.

Editing the vlog

Vloggah lets you edit the vlog on the Go!

Unlike blogging, there are many technicalities associated with Vlogging. You have to edit the vlog before you share it. For this purpose, apps like Vloggah are quite useful as they will provide you with the right tools for editing the vlog. The editing will be done fast and it will give a professional impact.

Now that everything is completed its time to promote your vlog. If the content is good enough you will soon find a number of followers.

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