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How to Vlog with a Smart Phone

How to vlog with a smart phone?

In order to become a Vlogger the first thing that you will need is an expensive camera. It’s with the help of the camera you can capture the videos that you will be sharing on YouTube or any other social media platform. However, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t own a costly camera, then can’t you be a vlogger?

You can, with the help of your smartphone and a great upcoming app called Vloggah. The smartphone cameras nowadays have capacity of capturing high resolution videos and with the help of the Vloggah app you will be able to edit them as you want. Then your vlogs are ready to be shared. Your smartphone gives you the best opportunity to create any vlog on the go whenever you want.

Different types of vlogs that can be created

When you have decide to make your blog with a video or a vlog you must also decide upon which type of vlog do you want to create? Do you want to share some social message through your vlogs or want to show some travelling tips? Will your vlog focus on daily activities or it will mainly for the foodies?

As you have your smartphone handy you can make Instant vlog with Vloggah, but do not share it on YouTube or social media until and unless you have edited it properly. Different types of vlogs that can be created are

· Talking head vlog where there will be a head talking about some topic and share some information with the viewers. It is easy to capture as you do not have to learn a lot regarding how to vlog?

· It can be a ‘how to’ vlog where you will be teaching about something, like how to fix the faucets or electrical appliances and so on. You will be demonstrating the action while you teach it.

· There can be adventure or reality vlogs that are captured while you are going to any adventure. In this you will need expertise as they are a bit tough to create.

If you are really interested in vlogging then you must be thinking about what will make the whole thing easier? Vlogging made easy with the help of a right app Vloggah. It will help you edit the video after you have captured it successfully. The app will help in uploading the video and then what? Watch your vlog and others too so that you learn more about vlogging.

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